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AdDjur is formed by the close cooperation of international web developers, a Swedish advertising agency, and an international veterinary equipment supplier. The platform should be considered as a business facilitator. We believe there are many confusions and gray zones in the classification of businesses and services when it comes to Animals and Pets related businesses. Many novel fields of businesses are emerging that they do not find a frame that fit them. AdDjur is formed to house those businesses.

We believe that the world is going toward more respect for nature and animals. In this regard, animal and pet service and product providers should have a bolder presence in the internet space. We at AdDjur aid this.

But AdDjur is not just for businesses, all range of souls can feel that AdDjur belongs to them; if you are a pet parent or pet lover then not only you can find the proper suppliers or clinics near you but also you can go through our journal and read through our informative articles. It is known that the key to a healthy animal is a well-informed owner and an expert veterinary care team, which must be easy to find. That̵;s why we provide both that the pet owner needs to be a successful “parent”! If you like to read pet magazines then you may find a list of them in our listing. If you are interested in wildlife tourism then tour providers are here on the list.

For you that run a veterinary clinic or hospital if there is one place to be indexed in then, it is our Veterinary Clinic map. You can also communicate with your clients by giving them the information they need to know by publishing a sponsored article. If you are going to hold an event or conference then AdDjur has a dedicated category for your demand to be seen and to promote your event. If you hold a course or have a school that is related to the pets, animal or veterinary then the ultimate solution to advertise yours is to list it on AdDjur.

The summary of tips to be successful on the internet for Pet and Animal business involve showcasing their business on social media, asking their customers for reviews, creating and publishing videos, creating content, having a good website, and creating informative contents. For small businesses that just want to show their info on the web and the website has no other functionality for them; an AdDjur listing is enough because it shows their pictures, videos, addresses, maps, contact information, moreover costumer can rate them and communicate with them. This is an all-in-one solution with no designing, web-space or domain name registry hassles and costs. Membership on AdDjur.com is free of charge but listing packages are paid services to warrant professional services. Please browse through our services and packages.

You are already a member of the AdDjur.com team! All comments, ideas, suggestions and business proposals are welcomed and appreciated. Feel it home!

But if you are seeking for more business perspectives and analysis behind the development of the AdDjur, then there is a single logic: “We did it, simply because we LOVED It!” We hope that you like also this.

By being listed on AdDjur and avoiding paper-based advertisements you help the preservation of nature. Furthermore, you can donate through us to WWF! We ask you to care about our nature and wildlife more! But you do not need to pay more! We together with you donate 5% of incomes from packages to WWF.

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