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Why AdDjur Magazine?

✓ Dedicated to Animal, Pet, and Veterinary Businesses
✓ Cover both international and local purposes
✓ Accepts videos and color images
✓ Has no limitation to hyperlink to your business
✓ Can offer professional writers and designers services

Opening words….

The Internet has become such a huge marketing tool for any business. It is the main source of information for a considerable number of people and 53% of people search for a local business at least once a month. It is vital to be indexed in this space and echo your brand as much as possible. But having just a modern website is not enough in this regard. Your website can never compete with a list that all players are indexed in that. So, how to stand out of the list?
On AdDjur we help you to professionally!
As in the business world, the key to success for a product or service is to reply to people’s needs, on the internet as an information world, the winning card is to provide visitors with all the information that they need to know. In this way, you grab your customer’s trust. The most valuable asset that any business can have is this and this could not be achieved or at least maintained through shinny brilliant eye-catching billion dollars TV advertisements.
At the beginning of any business, the hardest thing to do is to communicate with true customers and in many instances it is impossible and if possible, it is so expensive. What you want is just to shout out your name and presence but when it comes to publishing your content many journals may reject your content and this adds to your frustrations at the start-up stage. So, you have no remained way other than to go toward spray marketing through pay per click or view advertisement models. But we offer you an alternative to these conventional models:
“Sponsored Articles”
On AdDjur, as long as you provide really useful information, we are happy to deliver your message to end-users. We should emphasize that AdDjur is a platform that is dedicated to animals, pets, & veterinary businesses which are optimized both for global and local purposes.
We have international teams that help us to offer our customers with article, photo and video generation. These services are not inclusive and you should contact directly with the editor from contact us page for such a query. When you publish a sponsored article on AdDjur magazine then you can also enjoy your free premium listing package.
We have set to release our first issue of the magazine in November 2019, and until the 15th of October first 1 submitters will enjoy 50% waiver when using “Editor” as a coupon during check out.
Your audiences are striving to read your articles on AdDjur.

AdDjur Editor

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