How It Works

The ultimate guide to take the most from AdDjur!

How AdDjur Works?

Create an account

AdDjur provides flexible membership options including social logins (Facebook & Google).

Order the right Package

Visit the Packages and Pricing page.

Choose the appropriate package and place order.

Then visit add to list page to submit information and add your item to the list. Done!

Read following visual guide carefully:

Is it free to create an account in AdDjur?

-Yes, it is compeletely free.

Why should I have an account on AdDjur?

-To advertise on AdDjur, it is obligatory to have an account. But even if you are just visiting other users, to comminucate with them and accessing their contact information, you need to have an account on AdDjur.

AdDjur Registration Page


AdDjur login page

1- Visit registration or login page.

2- You have 3 options to register an account:
a. Using Facebook account
b. Using Google account
c. Using your email address

3-After registration you may receive an activation code or link in your email related to Google  or Facebook account or the email that you used to create account.

a. If you were unable to login with one method try other methods.
b. In some occasions one may find the activation email in spam box of email.[/vc_toggle]

1-b- How to recover an account or lost password on AdDjur?

AdDjur login page

1 Visit  login page.

2 Click on R;Forgot password?” then a small window will pop up and ask for your email.

3 You will receive an reactivation link in your email related to Google  or Facebook account or the email that you used to create account.

a. If you were unable to login with one method try other methods.
b. In some occasions one may find the reactivation email in spam box of email.

1-c- How to access to my profile on AdDjur?

Top Bar Links

1 You have to visit the profile page. To access this you may alternatively click on your profile image on the top bar of page.

1-d- What options have I in my profile page?

When you visit your profile you see following informations:

1 Public image: This would appear on your public profile and at the top bar of your listing. Please see 1-f.

2 Social links: This would appear on your public profile and at the top bar of your listing. Please see 1-f.

3 Public Name: This would appear on your public profile and at the top bar of your listing. Please see 1-f.

4 Edit profile link: by clicking on this you will be redirected to a page where you can edit your profile information.

5- Public location: it could be edited by clicking on edit profile link. See 1-e.

6- Package (Free vs. Paid), Public badge (Business vs. Individual)

7- My Listing: shows a paginated list of your active listings. Here you can manage your listings.

8- Inactive Listing: shows a paginated list of your inactive listings.

9- Rated Listing: if you have ordered a rated badge listing  and activated a listing as rated then it would be seen under this tab.

10- Favourites: If you press the heart sign on a listing it would be added to your favourite listings and will appear here. The advertiser get no notice that you have added their listing to your favourite list.

11- Messages: Here you see sent and received offers. Read section 4.

12- Packages: it would redirect you to packages and pricing page.

13- Package history: It shows the archieves of previous successful and unsuccessful orders.

14- Finished or sold items stat.

15- Active listings stat.

16- Inactive listings stats.

Profile Sections

What other information you see under your profile:

1- Public name: this could be edited. Read 1-e.

2- Email adrress: this is email adress you are registered by it. It could not be edited.

3- Phone number: this could be edited. Read 1-e.

4- Your Badge (Business vs. Individual): this could be edited. Read 1-e.

5- Your Public Location: this could be edited. Read 1-e.
6- Package Type (Paid vs. Free): this depends on the packages you have ordered.
7- Nubmer of listing credit you have: this depends on the packages you have ordered.

8- Nubmer of rated badge listing credit you have: this depends on the packages you have ordered.

9- Nubmer of bump up function you have: this depends on the packages you have ordered.

10- Validity of your packages in days: this depends on the packages you have ordered.

Profile page content

1-e- How to manage my public profile?

1- Visit your profile page.
2- Click on edit profile(see 1-d). You will be redirected to following page:
You can change your public name, add social media links (1), public location (2), a short bio or introduction (3), and change your public photo (4).
After making changes do not forget to update your profile (5), otherwise changes are not saved. To understand how your public profile looks out see 1-f. You can alternatively visit these pages listers  or AdDjur Public profile.

Is it possible to delete my account on AdDjur?

-Yes! Click on “Delete Account?: 6″But be cautious that all of your information including packages, transactions, etc. will be deleted and they could not be retrived.

Manage your public profile1-f- How to manage my public profile inforamtion looks out?

1- Your public profile information are visible mainly on your listing header, comments you leave, listers page or AdDjur Public profile.Social media (1), Photo (2), Name(4), Badge( Business vs. Individual: 3), and Contact form (5) are editable. Please see 1-e.
You can contact any user by rating their listing, using message tab in the header part of listings or by using their phone number or email address provided in their listing. Alternatively, you can visit their public page by clicking on the lister name and there is a contact form to reach them.

Public Lister profile

2- Order appropriate Package

Is it free to advertise on AdDjur?

-No! Keeping quality of website is a costy project. Even public famous platforms like WikiPedia nowadays are asking for donation. So, to keep the quality of srevices they should be ineviteably paid.

1- Firstly,visit packages & pricing  page to become aware of our services and prices.
2- Secondly, read fully terms and conditions.

3- Add the product to the cart, fill the check out from, and pay for the order.
4- As a short way you may use sugested pay now PayPal button or other Stripe offers to check out directly by being redirected to PayPal or Stripe check out options (Microsoft pay, Apple Pay, Sumsung Pay, Chrome pay, etc).

5- If you have difficulty to pay for your order using our online check out system you should send an email to Your email should contain:
a- Your full name
b- Your Company name
c- Your Company Registration ID or Number
d- Country
e- Your title in Company
f- Your tax ID or VAT number
g- The reason why you can not pay through our check out system.
So, our financial office will contact you. Emails that do not provide abovementioned information would be ignored.

To sumbit your listing to the list, you should click on list it button on the top of the pages to visit Add To List page.
This is done through 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Information

1- Listing Titel: this should be less than 80 characters.

a- The suggestion that are shown indicate that another listing with the same title is already in the list. Be creative and give a unique and informative title to your listing. Two most important characteristic to attract visitors are title and images.
2- Select Categories: when you choose one category then its’ subcategories load automatically.

a.It is not obligatory to choose subcategories.

b. For animal and pet listings use live animal type.

Step 1-1&2

Step 2: Details

1- Determine type of listing: Select option: 01-Sell, 02-Buy, 03-Rent, 04-Hire, 05-Lost, 06-Found, 07-Exchange, 08-Subscrption | Membership, 09-Service, 10-Event, 11-Location, 12-Organisation | Company, 13-University | School, 14-Booking, 15-App, and 16. Website | Online store.
2- Select your pricing strategy: Select Option: Fixed, Negotiable, Price on call, Auction, Free, No price, Location, Service Fee, Ticket, Registration, Memebership, and Abonnement.
a. If you do not wish to set any price then you should choose either “No price” or “Price on call” option.
3- Price it should be a number. Comma or space causes errors, so avoid them.

a. Use an exchange website and convert the price to one currency that is in the list.
b. Contact us to add your currency to the list; this option may take time due to adminstrative process and also may cause additional charges to be applied.

5- Video from youtube: the address of video should be full like this: Video from other sources are not played in the listing page and once visitors click on play icon on top corner of the listing then would be redircted to video source link.

Step 2- 1-5

6- Item Condition: Select option “used or new” for items and “early registration or regular registration” for events.

7- Warranty: Select option “yes or no”

8- Add photos: Drag and drop photos or click the box to add photos!

a. Accepted formats are : jpg, png and jpeg

b. Max file size of 7MB
c. Dimensions are restricted and photos should have at least 760×410 px.

d. Take care that first page is considered as default and first image.
If you wish add more photo or video you should contact and in this occasion adminstrative charges occur.

Step 2-6-8

Select Item condition, warranty, and add images.

9- Tags: adding tags is very important to promote your listing on search engines like google. To find proper keywords for your tags visit . Use comma “,” to separate keywords. You can max add 30 tags. To add keywords in mass you can use this comma separator tool to make it easier.

If you are posting them in mass they may appear attached together, place your pointer on the field just after the last word then press the backspace. This technique will solve the issue.

10- Age: This option is appropriate for used devices, vehicles, properties and animals.

11- Color: Use this option when applicable.12- Opening hours:
This option is appropriate for organizations, companies, hotels, clinics and hospitals.
13- Social Media Link: Facebook, Instagram, etc:Write down just one of your social medias link.
a. If You wish add more, you should contact and in this occasion adminstrative charges occur.
b. Be informed that the link is not shown directly and appear as a hyperlink.
14- Email.

Be informed that the email is shown directly. If you are worrisome of spam then do not add this.

15- Dogs Breeds: Select Option.
16- Cat Breads: Select Option.

17- Description: Enter long description.

a. hyperlinks and photos are not accepted in description. If You wish add these, you should contact and in this occasion adminstrative charges occur.


18- How to activate Auction (Bidding)?

a. First turn on this function at the last field of Step 2.

b. Set deadline time:

1- Select the date.
2- Scroll scrollbar to left and right to set the hour.

Setting Auction Date and Hour

Is it possible to add auction function after publishing my listing?

-Yes, during validity of your package, you can edit any paramater in your listing. Please see 3-a.

Is it possible to add auction function after publishing my listing?

-Yes, during validity of your package, you can edit any paramater in your listing. Please see 3-a.

Step 3: User Information

1- Your Name: This name could be different from your personal profile name and would appear just below of your listing title publicly. Although when people click on the advertiser name will be redirected to your public profile.

2- Mobile/Telephone: please add a valid number, it is hidden until people click on call or phone icon button then the number appears.
3- Country: Select a country that you are located or you wish to target your advertisement. If your desired currency is not in the list then publish it on another country then contact us to add your country to the list.
4- Address: Use standardad addresses : Street, unit, City, County or Province, Country.


5- Set the map: To do this you have 3 options :

1. Use map search tool, it would suggest your location. You should write USA or UK instead of full term. If this was not successfull, use other two options.
2. Drag map marker and drop on desired location.
3. Alternatively, you can give the latitude and longitude of your location. To find these read this article.

a. Take care that you use dot “.” as the separator and not comma “,”. The default set of Bing map is a comma.
b. On some ocasions map may not load in meanwhile but rest assured that in the listing page it would be looked out correctly.


Step 3
Step 3: Set the map using the search tool

6. Bump up: if you are updating your map and you have a Bump up credit, a suggestion to bump up is shown. Just do it when you are updating your listing and many others are added to list and sent your listing to the end of the list. Otherwise you will use your credit unnecessarily.

3-a How to manage and edit my listings after publishing it?

1- You have two alternative to edit your listing:
a. Visit your listing public page while you are logged in. Then under the title of your listing you see a link to edit your listing (beside views; 6).

Edit your listing

b. Visit your profile. Go to active listings tab. Here you will see full list of your listings and options to edit your listing (5).

How to change status of my listing or delete it?

Visit your profile. Go to active listings tab. Here you will see full list of your listings and options to edit status of your listing click on active field (6). You will be offered with suplementery options: Mark as Expired, Finished or Sold, or Active (7). You may alternatively want to delete your listing then click on the red close button (4) and confrim.

Deleted listings by user could not be retreived. Take care before doing so.

3- Number of times your listing is veiwed and date it is published.

Edit your listing from profile

1- Mark your listing by rated badge. You should have ordered such a package to do so.


The rated advertisements attract more attention and are shown on top of the lists and categories.

Marke as rated

What is the benefit to mark your listing as “Rated”?

The rated advertisements attract more attention and are shown on top of the lists and categories.

2- Bump up your listing.

Bump up

Why  should I bump up my listing?

The Bump up function put your listing on the top of the list.


Because when others add their listing to the list, yours will be on the bottom of list and to the older pages when they search. So, you should bump it up again to gaurantee a better exposure.

When should I bump up my listing?

We recommend to at least doing so once a week. You should manage the proper timing. For example if your business is on demand on weekends bump up on weekend. If it is on demand on the begining of the week, bump it up on Mondays.

Why my listing appear inactive?

If your listing needs correction and is not approved by AdDjur, your listing will appear inactive until issue is resolved.

4- How Does My Listing Look out?

Your listing public page header look out:


Edit your listing


1- Category and Subcateogry, see 3, step1.

2- Listing Titel, see 3, step1.

3- Public profil picture, see 1.
4- Listing user name: it could be different from your public profile name, you can set this at (Step 3: User Information , 1- Your Name), see 3.

5- Date of publication

6- Number of times your listing is viewed.

7- Description: click on this to be navigated to the description section.
8- Video: click on this to be navigated to the video.

9- Location: click on this to be navigated to the location of the listing.

10- Rating: click on this to be navigatted to the review and rating part.
11- Share the listing.
12- Add to your favourite.
13- Report the advertisement. See 6.
14- Contact details: internal messaging and phone number.

If your ad like this photo is expired then such a information are not available.

5- How to navigate through and search on AdDjur?

Visit AdDjur home page then choose in which of following places you are looking for your desired results:

1-Search Listings: it will show results related to listings on addjur.

2- Marketplace: it would search among products from AdDjur affilites that are indexed on AdDjur.

3- Whole AdDjur: it would search whole addjur and includes all AdDjur contents.

4- Map: it shows AdDjur map. Click on the map markers to view information. To know more about this service please see Map indexing package


Map exploring

1- Back to list
2- Navigate to by google map
3- Informations
4- If you are login with Google account you can save this location in your favourite locations.
5- You may share this location.
6- View full screen.
7- A rated location with customed marker. Read more about the Map indexing package.


5- Search web: it would search customly through the web using Google Custom Search.

The top search bars is also a custom search bar (1) while the lower one searches just through listings (2).

6- Categories, Country names, Tags, Advertisers name, etc: many of these yeild user to other items in with the same category, so yoou can click on them to visit them.
7- Left top Dropdown most popular categories is also always at your reach! Enjoy surfing.

Popular categories

6- How to report an advertisement?

You should report any suspicious listing including those which are considered as spam, Offensive, Duplicated, Fake, or Illegal. We thank you in advance that you are  helping us. To do so, please click on the report button (13), then a window pops up and you should choose among alternatives and add a short description that why you report this. Then submit the form. All is done!

Report listings

Edit your listing

7- What happens once a listing package expires?

It is marked as expired and links and phones are not visible. Alternatively, you  can  delete this from your profile, please see 3a . If you do not reactivate your package, AdDjur has the right to delete your listing and on such an occasion it would not be retrived.

Expired Listing

Edit your listing

8- How to use (Auction) bidding system?

How to understand that one listing is on auction?

A time down counter is shown on this kind of listings. Like 6 in the below photo.

On Auction Listings

How to use bidding and rise an offer?

Under the map is a form that you give your suggested bidding (1) and accompanied  with a message (2).

How to see others offers?

On the sidebar in desktop view or below the listing informaton in the mobile view, the statistcs about the listing is available to the public.

Bidding stats

The Lister will receive your phone number and offer and the winner will be informed by email.


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