Safety Tips

Firstly, as a trader read the following tips. At AdDjur a safe and secure marketplace is a priority.

Take care of the following tips:

  • Read Tax rules.
  • Beware of unrealistic offers.
  • Conclude contract.
  • Buy and sell the used objects with insurance or guarantee.
  • Use a safe location to meet the seller.
  • Avoid cash transactions.

AdDjur does these:

  • Ads are reviewed after publication and based on reports received.
  • We use common tools to stop spam.
  • Offensive comments, listings, etc are filtered automatically.
  • We cooperate with Police, other authorities and organizations to provide advice to users.
  • We develop safe payment options.
  • We do not keep your banking information or private sensitive information.
  • We provide a hidden phone number for all listings.
  • We adapt advertising rules to every day changing conditions and laws.
  • We share information with the Police / Tax Administration on their demand.
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